Almighty Aux Gods

by Eugenius Neutron

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No need for radios, just grab your auxliary cords as prolific lyricist Eugenius Neutron & producer Audio Anthem solidfy themselves as the "Almighty Aux Gods"


released March 24, 2017

Production by Audio Anthem



all rights reserved


Loner~Dreamer~Lover~Rebel Alabama

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Track Name: Goodbye Winter (prod. by Anthem)

Goodbye winter, it's been fun living witcha
I thank you for the experience you've been giving
I swear you really help a nigga with the vision
Stepped out the pic so I can see the bigger picture
And hot Dammit, it'spanoramic
It's feeling like I done been on a whole other planet
You outta this world I never could hate ya
Even though I gotta alienate ya
And when the temp of your love drop below baby
We still cool cause you know that I'm cold baby
Baby, So baby don't be blue
You know our ties never done like a timberland boot
I know you wanna yell timber, I'm bout to drop on these niggas
But hold me down for the spring & I'll give the summer a blizzard
And call it your revenge since the weather tried to skip ya
It's sounding "The Cool" and "My Beautiful Dark Twisted"
With a lack of fantasies cause reality in my scriptures
This the gospel and if not, then its the ism
Music all written, bout done with mixes
I'll let you hear the masters when the master piece is finished
Album coming in September but a tour coming with it
Remember me like Wyclef, I'll be gone til November
And thank you in advance in case I miss thanksgiving
But I'll make it back for Christmas just to give back to the children
I know they grow up quickly and they die in a blinking
My neighborhood gunning down high school seniors
But shout out to my lil homies in junior achievement
They can relate to me better than most of they teachers
Let them see my corporate life I got without a degree
I'm mean 60 grand a year pay more than being a thief
Or risking life in the streets by selling drugs to eat
By all means you gotta do something to fund your dreams
People try to shoot you down and say don't quit your day job
Just because they couldn't do it, man that's really they prob
I rather tell 'em work hard whatever job that you got
Just work harder for yourself than you do on the clock
Cause midnight tells me that Cinderella's a fraud
And at the same time it's telling me I'ma star
In other words just keep it real to who you are
Real recognizes real really near or really far
I watch the sun's tirade bring light to the dark
My name wasn't in the lights but it was probably the bulb
Pourin' up some Jameson and make a toast 4 da squaw
I'm at the bar taking shots with Isaiah Rashad
Posted up for hours after hours lounging at the syndicate
Tripping over old beefs, dope flows, & silly shit
Probably his biggest fan but damn I couldn't plan that
God send me blessings that I can't do nothing but laugh at
Made lemonade with the lemons I was given
Still can't find a reason why they living cold & bitter
I made hella memories in the warmest of winters
But I know the spring coming with some whole new beginnings...
Goodbye winter
Track Name: Hello Spring (prod. by Anthem)

Hello spring, uh, hello spring
Photosynthesis gene, gettin back to green, uh
Might be a Celtic, no bull shit-ting, uh
Fuck being Jordan when Russell got 13
I'm running rings around 'em like Saturn dude, uh
Too down to earth to be the man on the moon
Aye, They call Eu, Aye, Shout out to Lu
Pe, but they I been the man on the cool
Last spring I crowed surfed at the lupe show
Got me wondering for this year what is really in store
It's funny how these things go like over seas stop lights
It's like my spot reserved even when I step out the spot light
Got me feeling Spock like, half human half Vulcan
I'm a giant in city, rap game what I'm holding
I'm my hand like a spear and a python grip
But I never let a snake nigga tell me how it is
Mowgli swinging from the vines but he don't what it is
Jungle Village and I run it like the man with iron fist
Gold lion pinky ring and a hand-full of problems
Ain't worried bout it, that's hakuna matata
Awembaway, Awembaway, I probably won't sleep today
Y'all be making Z's like Zoro when he swing the blade
You can't sleep ya life away, I'm bout to wake'em up
Just in time for the spring, Gene bout to clean it
Track Name: Aux God (prod. by Anthem)

We don't need no introduction
We just need a aux cord plugin
I got the orchestra of Anthem on production
Mix it with me that's a spontaneous combustion
Busting speakers, sub woofers and tweeters
And busting ear drums until they ears bleeding
Do it to the 'def' or til we deaf & speechless
Word to grim reaper & the sign language teachers
Beats or blackboards how I plan to chalk it
I'm startin to make mark like it red paint on the bottle
Im swinging across they noggin, caught me red handed
Made a mark with Makers Mark, that assault
I'm doing damage to the damagers
I plead guilty as charged,
They got me charged up like your phone in a wall
That's assault and battery, I kill em with words huh
Chalk talk and how to get a way with a murder
Stanzas of scandals when I'm involved
That's something that Olivia Pope can't solve
Maybe you Better Call Saul
But that won't get you off
The hook, when you hooked to the meth of no hooks
This Walter White on the cook, No Jesse Pinkman
I'm breaking bad every time I touch a ink pen
Heisenberg of the adjectives, nouns, & verbs
Brains get left scrambled how I play with words
So bored of the games they try to play on me
Monopolize chess moves, get a clue bout me
You gon' get this work, and the uniform for free
They do it plain as a shirt, I got it down to a T
Cant compare me cause I do this with a different fashion sense
Do this cause I'm pose'ta they be pose'n like the manicans
Still standin still for the Gram and the cameras
You should see it clear that it really ain't no challenge
Fuck a battle and the cattle, I ain't with the beefing
Just tryna keep it grounded like chuck, no sneakers
But ain' with the sneakin, fam got heaters
Pull a string he'll skeet cha, code name Cousin Skeeter
I got bigger battles than rappers chatters on beats
I'm tryna target stations who try to play me for weak
They claim they play local artist but only late in the week
Want your song at the peak? Gotta pay 'em a fee
Fuck paying payola I need payloads with interest
Don't ask me bout my budget cause ain't nothing for you in it
Rather pay my fees, let my streams stack it by the penny
Make a hundred times more than if the radio would spin it
Understand the position of what I'm doing
They do it for the money, I do it for the music
Trapping off a app, how moving these units
Grinding through the Spotify, Tidal, and the Apple Music
Bandcamp bandos, SoundCloud boomin'
Smoke a flow so loud, leave a tumor on a tuner
This death auto-tuners searching through your antennas
I'm money on the mic pimpin', no Katt Williams
These radio cats gone wish they had 9 lives
Fuck a call number 9, you need 11 behind
R.I.P. Mz. Katt, gotta respect her grind
Much love to Woo, gotta respect her mind
I got love for the jocks tryna push our vision
I know my sound ain't fit for the public agenda
But I still go to war with the top of the system
I'm talkin Cox Radio, Cumulus, and Emmis
You don't understand how they corrupting the messages
With low frequencies & sing alongs to a death wish
All the false impressions will never impress me
I'm nobodies investment, I do the investing
Whether it's my music, my artist, or my people
I'm much closer to 'em in places you can't reach 'em
Ever since social media we controlling the media
Might put a death date on the radio Wikipedia
We don't wanna hear that weak shit no more
Fuck your airways, I'm the new aux Lord
I say it again, like I said it before
Fuck the radio the we got auxiliary cords
Thank God for my aux cord
Thank God for my aux cord
Almighty Lords of the aux cord
Anthem and Eugenius, could you want more?
Thank God for my aux cord
Thank God for my aux cord
This the death of radio, with A RIP
Even bigger Rest In Peace to Radio Raheem